“Seventy years ago, the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune defeated its rivals in a bloody civil war following the death of the god of light and the sun, Pelor, bringing order to the war-torn nation of Cheliax—but at a price. Now the imperial bureaucracy enforces devil-worship as the state religion, and the common people bow their heads in perpetual servitude to the dark lord of Hell. Fortunately, Cheliax still has heroes: crusaders and revolutionaries motivated by glory, honour, greed for the throne, or hatred of what their land has become under the infernal thumb of Asmodeus. Our story follows one such band of heroes, as they unravel and become embroiled in a conspiracy so great, it may tear the once-proud city of Westcrown, and even its citizens, apart if left unchecked…”



The City of Nine Stars, and once the seat of power of the Chelish Empire, was a bastion of civilization and the centre of the church of Pelor.

Following the death of the god of the Sun and Light, Westcrown fell into chaos, becoming known as the City of Twilight as the citizens of Westcrown (also known as the Wiscrani) lost hope.

Order was eventually restored to Westcrown, but was now under the diabolic rule of the Thrice-damned House of Thrune. Now the populace fears to leave their homes at night, lest they become prey for the shadowbeasts that inhabit the city. During the day, the city suffers under the cruel ministrations of the overbearing Dottari and Imperial Hellknights from nearby Citadel Rivad.

For seventy years Westcrown has suffered these indignities, and though a number of ‘petty rebellions’ have taken place now and then, a resistance shall soon rise to help guide Westcrown from this terrible rule. This is their story…

Time: sundown
Location: Rego Scripa, Vizio’s Tavern

The sun, long past its zenith, slowly sets in the distance, as the city itself prepares for the night. Small patrols of Dottari guards prepare lighting the many pyrahje that can be found throughout the streets of Westcrown, while the worried Wiscrani make their way quickly back to their homes. Unlike the many stories heard and told by bards outside Cheliax, the night was FAR from the glamour they always praised. In fact, night was considered suicidal to even the most foolish of Wiscrani when in Westcrown.

However, our story focuses on a few individuals, each one making their way towards Vizio’s Tavern…

1992 Orl-United: Council of Thieves

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