1992 Orl-United: Council of Thieves

Session #1: Hellknight - Smellknight!


Contacted by Janiven Key, the characters met at Vizio’s Tavern to discuss a business offer. After enjoying a meal together, a tense Janiven invited the party to join a resistance faction known as the Children of Westcrown. The meeting was interrupted by an out-of-breath Morosino claiming that Arael, the leader of the resistance, had been captured by the Dottari, Westcrown’s city guard. Within moments a force of Hellknights descended on the tavern, forcing everyone to flee into Westcrown’s sewers through a secret trapdoor in the tavern’s kitchen.

After several encounters with the sewer system’s less pleasant denizens and a group of Hellknight recruits, the party made its way to the Children of Westcrown’s safehouse, an abandoned shrine to Aroden in Rego Sacero. There the group mingled with members of the resistance, eventually formulating a plan to rescue Arael from Hellknight custody. The party struck a caravan transporting Arael out of the city the next day, humiliating the Hellknights in a quickly fought battle and escaping safely.

Next, an old contact of Arael and Janiven provided information about the next big job the group might undertake. He gave the location of an abandoned church of Erastil nestled in the northern ruins, known to be the headquarters of a group of tiefling bandits calling themselves the Bastards of Erebus. The four heroes moved to action once again, in a daylight sortie against the church. The early recon of the blighted area seemed promising, as the Children of Westcrown advanced upon the church, using a few, still standing buildings as bulkhead against spying eyes. Alas, as the intrepid group made their final advance against the church, Nero, the un-stealthy cleric, tripped over some shards of pottery. Those foul tieflings, well ensconced within the church, hastily prepared their defenses.

The assault against the teifling church went well enough, if not for the tiefling’s skillful use of darkness spells. It was soon discovered that the church contained a stairwell, leading down into the church’s catacombs. The party descended…

…at the bottom of the stairs, the hallway turns left and ends in a simple wooden door. A short message has been artfully carved on the door, but someone seems to have marred the message with slashes from a sharp instrument. This room appeared to be a storage cellar.

With conviction, the party opened the door. This room contained twelve brick-lined crypts that take up most of the wall spaced, with some curiously placed cushions. The door to the north end is open. OF course, this room is now bathed in devil blood! A fierce (the fiercest yet). At least six tieflings (the bad ones…not the someone good/not too evil – but you can never be too sure) lie dying in the room, and their mummy/leader fled through the northern door. At least you think so. The adventure concluded with you slamming the southern crypt door shut…

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